About The Author

Whether it was by mistake or by fate that you found me, I’d like to extend a warm greeting to you and I hope that life is treating you well in that little corner of the universe you occupy. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Dimtri and I’m a language instructor for the Canadian Department of National Defense. Teaching has always been a passion of mine; I’ve devoted my life to it, and I intend to keep nurturing and developing my skills for many years to come. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, I love to draw pencil portraits, and working out is not unlike breathing to me. I’m married to the most wonderful girl in the world, and we’re expecting the birth of our first child in just a few months. Can you feel the positivity ensconsing this page? So why has DAMASTOR turned out to be such a depressing, violent, and blood-drenched novel? Because I love to watch my characters suffer and burn with no hope of escape. But I didn’t intend for it to start out that way. It started with a dull murmur of an idea that fluttered, floated and perched itself somewhere on the periphery of my imagination before a written word was ever spilled on a page. That idea grew into a monsterous, ferocious thing that latched onto my brain and started suckling on it like a starving neonate zombie-baby. I had no idea what do with it. My wife Joanna, who was my girlfriend at the time, convinced me I had to get that idea on paper. So I proceeded to draw three pages of a comic, but quickly realized that it would take thousands of panels to even remotely describe the story that was trapped in my noggin’, so that wasn’t going to be possible because it would have taken years to finish! Plus, the drawings sucked eggs. My only recourse was to write, not for anyone else, just for me. The first page was the most difficult one. Like they say, the most difficult part of the journey is taking the first step. I made this novel my own, pouring all of my sadness, obsession, madness, patience and love into it. My point is that all barriers collapse in the face of our passions and desires. Before I knew it, grotesque thoughts and words leaked from my heart and mind and pooled onto that first page until, eventually, my novel was complete… eight years later.

I’ll be posting passages and quotes from DAMASTOR periodically. Hope you guys enjoy, and maybe even become inspired to tell your story. You can do it. Anyone can.


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