Say hello to Kameron.

Kameron stared at the petrified woman and, still trying to focus, threw himself on top of her. Her eyes widened in terror and stared straight into his, while blood seeped from the back of her head, the pain in her skull blinding her as she tried to shove him off. He gripped her harder and leaned in close, a callous and indifferent smirk appearing on his face. Holding her chest down with his hand, he felt the drumming of her heart. She started to sob uncontrollably, breathing hard and fast, her body awash with adrenaline. Her aromatic perfume filled his nostrils.

Sitting up and taking out his gun, he pressed the tip lightly against her nose.  “Are you beggin’ me baby?  Gimme some more…” Punching her in the ribs, all the air gushed out of her lungs before he brought the gun handle down on her nose, crushing the bridge. 


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