I have such fond memories of when I was young… memories of late summer and the sweet aroma of cherries blossoming in the wind… of beautiful green fields of many hues that were rich with golden brown grain and stretching out as far as the eye could see… of friends meeting at midday with their loved ones in wondrous forests just like the one we are walking through now… where the green vaulting overhead grew deep and the brooks rippled with dappled sunlight.  We would stop along the way and exchange tidings.  The sky showed clear and blue. We sat and blessed our surroundings in a fellowship of merriment, united by laughter and song, sucking back ales and draining vast numbers of drums of their deep-red wine as the aroma of hot chestnuts and honey ensconced all of nature. We were all laughing, talking, dreaming… Husbands, wives, widows, children, merchants, the poor, beautiful lasses whose full lips glistened with sweet wine dripping from them, we all danced to the bard’s infectious music by the firelight. It seemed that joy had spread to all corners of the Earth.  Time stood still for us on those rare, fair days. Hands held no weapon of any kind… There was no war.”


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