Macky- Leader of the Core

“Hey, man. I been ready since I joined. I live, breathe, eat, and bleed the Core. Look… a gang leader’s cred is usually, but not always, defined by one big war. This is the biggie fer me. The one that’s gonna establish the Core as the deadliest criminal organization in North America. We’ll expand our power an’ resources t’ infiltrate the government, ta influence an’ manipulate state institutions. We’ll get politicians, journalists an’ judges on the payroll. Shit, we got more than just a few cops in the city workin’ for us as it is. Core’s got everyone an’ everythin’ on lock here. Anythin’ you can think of illegally, we’re in it. An’ nuthin’ happens without our stamp of approval. We’re roaches. We’re everywhere. No one’s gonna dare touch us again, man.”


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