Immortal Eyes

Unclouded peace enveloped the man
The wind stroked his hair as he lay on the land

Did a ripple in the sea cry in sympathy
As the threshold of darkness whispered its mystery?

Was that long tree branch waving to him?
Did the mourning skies make their stars turn dim?

Did the hush silence of twilight dissipate its caress
Onto his unmoving hands so that he would cry less?

Did the earth-golden flowers weep their comfort song?
They were caught in wind’s lift, it would not take long.

Did the cool sand cushion his head like down?
Did the swirling, ice-cold wave crest drown?

Did the rain-heavy air clamour and ring?
He thought he heard the angels sing.

The coaxing echoes bid him rise
And cease to see with mortal eyes

Then did he see rapid darkness swoon
He loved too late and would die too soon.

Shallow water and empty air met with falling rain,
His eyes beheld a brilliant light and the angels sang again.


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